Our Innovative Stretch Tents

Since 2002, our manufacturer has produced the finest quality stretch tents available globally under the strictest quality control measures; and strives to continually develop their specialised fabric and incorporate extensive investment into fabrication methods to maintain the highest possible quality and standard of delivery. But what makes us all true market leaders is our passion for our product and its possibilities. The stretch tents we offer are produced by a business that has been built on design and innovation that constantly sets the standards utilising welding technology that ensures a neat, robust and watertight finish on all seams and joints. You will experience the difference first-hand beneath one of our stretch tents. If you’re looking for a quality cover solution for your tent rental event or your commercial space, please contact us. Our tents meet the waterproofing, fireproofing and longevity requirements of various markets due to our high standards in fabric, tent fabrication and rigging innovations; and our tents are fire and safety compliant in the USA, Europe and South Africa. Every tent undergoes a comprehensive check for defects before it leaves the factory to ensure that your tent is delivered to you in perfect condition. Another major advantage over traditional marquees and event coverings is the flexibility and ease of installation of the stretch tents, which installation we include as part of our service. We will ensure that your custom fit is accurately measured and beautifully installed.

Freeform Fabric

100% Waterproof

Premium coated waterproof fabrics with the best choice and value for money.

Fire and safety standards

Compliant with major international fire and safety standards.

UV stabilizers

Our stretch tent fabric is incredibly strong and offers protection from harmful UV rays.


Number of Guests Tent Size for Cinema Style Seating Tent Size for Cocktail Style Tent Size for Full Sit Down Event/ Banquet Style Seating
20 guests 5m x 5m 6m x 6m 6m x 9m
50 guests 6m x 9m 8m x 9m 10m x 12m
100 guests 10m x 12m 12m x 15m 12m x 18m
150 guests 12m x 15m 12m x 18m 15m x 22,5m
200 guests 12m x 18m 15m x 22,5m 18m x 25m
300 guests 22,5m x 15m 18m x 25m 2 x 22,5m x 15m
500 guests 25m x 18m 2 x 22,5m x 15m 2 x 18m x 25m